What makes us vastly different from other video producers lies within our team background. Whilst other companies end their client relations once the video itself has been finished and sent over; Razor Blade Media continue working with you to ensure your video gets the best possible traction and results for your brand, business or idea. Our team are not only media professionals, but are also highly educated in business marketing, operation and financials. Not only are we educated, but we have the experience and results to back this up.

You see, there is a lot more to video marketing than posting it to social media and expecting people to engage with your brand. We appreciate our clients want the best possible return on their video marketing investment; so to ensure this happens our team can assist in creating a commercial campaign for every video we produce and to guide you throughout the process. This may or may not include setting up Google or Facebook ad campaigns to target a specific demographic and to analyse the data providing feedback for your business. Our end goal is to assist you in gaining the most traction possible for your product, service or idea. Of course, you may want to do this yourself and have a large team to make that possible, but nonetheless we are able to help if required.

Take a look at our three step process that we follow when working with brands and creative’s.

1 | Consultation

We meet with all clients either in person or by video conferencing if long distance, to plan and discuss the pre-production process. This includes reviewing your business objectives, discussing budget requirements and planning any particulars.

2 | Production

During the production process we keep all clients up to date on both the filming, and the editing. We work closely with you to make any minor revisions to the end product as discussed in the initial consultation. The video can now be released.

3 | Distribute & Review

We guide you through distributing your video and creating the best possible post or advert. This includes reviewing keywords and demographic targeting. A review process is then undertaken to analyse analytics, and to provide you feedback.