Firstly thanks for taking time and finding out more about me! So let’s get the boring bits out of the way. I left college like most students and wasn’t sure what direction to take my life, so I ended up at Winchester University. Three years later I came out with a 2:1 degree in Business Management with Finance & Economics, a student loan and a bit of a hangover.

I did some travelling, a ski season as an instructor and took some time out to think where I wanted to go in life. I then joined a networking company and became one of the top earners in my early twenties, which gave me many amazing life experiences which I am grateful for to this day. But something was always lacking. I felt as if my inner creativeness wasn’t being used to its full potential. I mean, I was making videos this whole time of family holidays, festivals and experiences I had along the way. But I wanted more.

I then made a decision to create Razor Blade Media in 2015. Initially we started out doing jobs for friends and family (as you do) and our reputation grew and grew. To date we have been on shoots with household brands such as Under Armour, and flown all over the world to shoot weddings.

I am a fun laid back guy who always strives to be the best I can be, both in and out of my business. Some of my values are authenticity, respectfulness and commitment. My inner perfectionist comes out on most jobs where I go above and beyond for the client. You can even see our Facebook reviews!

I also have an amazing support team around me who assist on set to either second shoot or lend a second opinion. I value modern technology but also think a personal approach is critical both in business and in life. You can always catch me on the other end of the phone to discuss your project or for a friendly chat! Thanks for reading and I look forward to working with you.

I am an experienced Digital Journalist and Social Media Manager - and have recently joined the Razor Blade Media team. I have a big passion for creating and delivering the very best content for our clients. Specifically, I specialise in the management, strategy and production of engaging digital material across video, social media, online, print and live media platforms. I also take an active lead on communications and PR correspondence, on behalf of the organisations working with us. Having worked at the cutting edge of the fast-paced world of online journalism for the past decade, I am a first-class performer, editor and safe pair of hands when it comes to operating at the business end for your brand and organisations. Previously, and between September 2015 and October 2018, I lived and worked in the United Arab Emirates as a Sports Journalist for and Sport360° Newspaper. Prior to this, I spent over two years with Hayters Teamwork Sports Agency as their Head of Video in London and also enjoyed a memorable spell as an in-house Digital Producer (web, video and social) with the England and Wales Cricket Board, covering England’s home series and extensive tours with the men’s team away to Australia, New Zealand and the Caribbean.

In my early journalistic career, I was part of the online, video and social media teams at ITV News, the Daily Mail Online, the Daily Telegraph and the All England Club Wimbledon, among various others. I have also had content published in numerous UK national newspapers, magazines and websites worldwide.

My name is Gary and I am a Videographer within the team at Razor Blade Media. I started out as a wedding photographer and ran a successful business for many years. I then got into videography and realised the power of capturing moving subjects. I met Josh through a joint project we collaborated on and the rest is history. We work well together as we both have different skillsets which we bring to the table. I would say im the "techy" with the deep technical knowledge which compliments our team well.

My names Neil and I am the lead photographer within the team at Razor Blade Media. I am a father of three amazing children and a proud husband, living in the beautiful New Forest, specifically Beaulieu. If you haven’t been you must visit!

I started my journey into photography 40 years ago as a school boy, learning to develop photos in dark rooms and shooting weddings on 35mm vintage cameras. How times have changed! There was something exciting about taking pictures at a wedding and not knowing how they’ve come out until you got home. This taught me quickly how to frame shots and get everything perfect in camera; there was no room for mistakes as you couldn’t fix it after in post production like you can today.

Whilst it is key to develop alongside new trends, I believe it is also important to remember where you’ve come from, and this ethos overlaps into my modern style of shooting. There is something special about using vintage lenses when the feeling is right.

I specialise in both portrait and wedding photography and have travelled to some amazing places around the world to shoot portraits and weddings.